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We are a direct and local lender with the ability to control all steps in the loan process from application to closing. Enjoy the comfort of buying and financing your home the Watson Way!

Kristine Kennedy - Loan Originator - Watson Mortgage Corp.
Kristine Kennedy
Loan Originator
NMLS ID #227275 | FL LO8121
Phone:(904) 421-6969
Fax:(904) 421-8348

Buying a home is one of the largest investments you will make, and who you choose to finance your home is an extremely important decision. The mortgage process involves many steps, people, and moving parts. Who you trust to advise and guide you through the process will determine if you end up with an enjoyable or a nightmare experience. I work in a real estate office loaded with realtors, and there are many true stories about buyers and their nightmare mortgage experience.

Everyone especially on the internet wants your mortgage business, and there are many marketing tactics advertising the best rate, fees, etc. Getting the best deal for your mortgage is certainly important, but getting the best service during the mortgage process is equally as important. There is nothing worse than choosing a lender who doesn't care about the timelines of your contract, who doesn't answer nor return your calls, who doesn't return your emails, who doesn't give you updates, who doesn't get your loan to your closing on time, or the worse scenario is who doesn't close your loan at all.

I learned years ago that the number one thing is that I can do for my borrower is to use my 17 years of experience in the mortgage industry and teach them everything that I learned in my career. My website is my vehicle I use to share my knowledge to hopefully make your experience more enjoyable. I have links on the left side for the areas that I get the most questions.

Once you have a contract on a new home then STEP 1 is "Items Required at Application" which is a list of all the paperwork that you will need for your loan application. STEP 2 is the "15 Steps of the Mortgage Process" where I take the arduous mortgage process, and I break it down to easy and traceable steps so that you get an idea of what the mortgage process is going to look like. STEP 3 is my "Loans in Process" where my borrowers can see where there loan is in the process, but also what is still left to do on their loan to get to closing.

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